Make millions with less than N2000

Nigeria is a country blessed with human resources. The share size of Nigeria’s population is enough to make the country one of the tenth biggest economies in the world. It is a known fact that China with the largest population more than any other country will be the most biggest economy in the world in future.
Natural resources thou important is not as good as a nations human resources. It is for this reason that countries like Singapore, Japan, United Arab Emirates and a host of others are able developed their economy based entirely on their human resources.
Population is in fact the greatest resources a country could ever had.
Unfortunately the Nigerian authorities seem to be confused as to how to developed the country’s economy. The complete dependence on crude oil for source of income and foreign exchange is perhaps, the worst thing that ever happened to Nigeria. The government complete lack of will to empower the vast human resources available in the country is the reason why Nigeria today is very backward and underdeveloped.
Sadly the un going banking reforms by the government the sanitize the banking sector is done at the detriment of the Nigerian people. These reforms will only help strengthen the banking cartels ability to be in complete control of the flow of money. Thus, they will have total of the population’s finances. They have no desire to lend loans to poor individuals with wonderful investment ideas. Only the well connected individuals in the society have that privileged. To put it simply, the banking reforms is designed to make the Nigerian people to depend completely on the government. I hope this never happen.
Therefore with all the lies about economic reforms, it becomes imperative for the Nigerian people to take matters into their own hands. The people most come together to help themselves. You see the secret is this, if majority of the Nigerian people are rich independent, and well to do, the government will be put in its place ie to serve the people. But if majority of the people are living in abject poverty, then the government becomes too wealthy rich and powerful to contain with, while we the poor becomes servants (slaves) to serve them! That’s why you see the so called civil servants working long hours in terrible working environment only to be paid chicken feets that’s not even enough to buy food talk less of paying for house rent, payment of children’s school fees or even saving some for future investment.
The only way to beat the government and empower ourselves is by coming together. Let’s put heads together and invest in ourselves. I remember when I was a little boy schooling in the village the women, after realizing that government has abandoned them came together to form an association known locally as the ‘Adeshe Group’. This is a group where by the women contribute little capital to support one another. Let’s take an example,
If the women takes turn to receive payment from members. These payment are made members to enable them set up small businesses of their choice. One of the criteria to join the group is if the intending person is an enterprise minded. This will make it easy for individual members to be self reliant when given payment to set up their businesses. To make long story short, each member of the Adashe group contribute for one another’s success.
There’s a similar thing going on online. It’s call the Netcontacts Nigeria. It’s a network of people from all walks of life coming together to help themselves. It’s a kind of referral marketing with a difference. Apart of other benefits to members like access to life changing information, the members have the opportunity to earn cash directly into their bank account. For you to be a member, you have to be invited by an already existing member through what is called the invitation code. As soon as you become a member, you will be given your own invitation code. This is the code that you will use to invite other people as many as you can into the network. Then how do I make money through this network? You may ask, well this is how it works, when you register as a member of Netcontacts Nigeria, your invitation code will be generated. Like I said earlier it is the code that will enable you invite other people into the network. However for you to start earning right away you will have to pay the sum of N1500 to the person that invited you. When you pay, the person who invited you will then activate your account, it is only when this is done that you will be able to use your profile through your invitation code to invite other people as well. There’s no limit to the number of people you invite. As a full member you can invite as many people as you can. The use of Facebook has been quite effective in serving as a medium through which you can invite friends, loved ones and other people to join under you. Remember for any person you invite, the sum of N1500 will be paid to your bank account. Just like what you did for your referrer. Imagine if you can invite say 1000 people to register under you in a month, that’s cool N1.5 million in a month! As easy as that.
Netcontacts is a wonderful opportunity for members to empower themselves financially. You can log on to and find out more about the network. For those of you who are interested and would like to join you can use my invitationcode : 1970576549 and register as member. This could be your life time opportunity. Do not let it pass you by. Thousands of people have benefited alot. I did too. In fact in just four days of paying my full membership, I made over N30,000!
It’s time to put a stop to the dependence mentality and take matters into our own hands. Please for more information about Netcontacts go to Thank you for taking the time to read this through. Indeed the sky would be your limit. For knowledge is power!


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Am a simple guy with a passion for business and investment. A self employed Hero. I love helping people achieve their financial goals and objectives.
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