What Nigeria Need

When you ask most Nigerians today about the
country’s biggest problems, they would say things like these:
-Bad leadership
And so on as Nigeria’s biggest problem.
Yes, it’s true that the mentioned above
are responsible for the present problems facing
the country. They are still not responsible for the
underdeveloped state of Nigeria at present.
One school of thought are of the opinion that
bad leadership coupled with military rule was
responsible for the country’s ills today. But let’s
check this out, there are other countries who
had military rule too. Countries like Argentina,
Nicaragua, Chile, and notably South Korea all
had military rules at some point in time in the
past. Infact, you may want to know that the
person who laid down the foundation of modern
South Korea was a military leader. It was during
military rule that the Road map for prosperity,
industrialization, infrastructural development
and economic development was born. How come
Nigeria couldn’t achieve the same results? Today
when you talk of Samsung corporations, hundai
group, Kia mottors and other world class
companies, you think of South Korea. And
Nigeria can only boast of dangote group?! Yet
both countries were of the same economic state
in the 1960s, time of Nigeria’s independence.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientists to figure out
what Nigeria’s problem is. Nigeria never had
visionary leaders with guts. Forget about the so
called professors serving as economic advisers to
our leaders. They are all fake! For your
information, the founder of the Samsung group
of companies only had a primary school
certificate. Now I don’t need to tell you the total
market capitalization of Samsung group.
Former US president Roosevelt never had any
knowledge on economics in his life. Yet he is
credited to making one of the best economic
decisions the world has ever seen during the
economic depression in the 1930’s. Well, today
its no story that the United States is the
greatest country on earth. Chinese leader
popularly known as chairman Mao never had any
decent education to prepare him for leadership.
Yet he was the one that laid out the foundation
of modern China!
It’s obvious considering what other countries
have gone through that Nigeria really never had
visionary leaders. Leaders who where able to look
out through the future and picture where they
want their countries to be. Nigeria never had a
leader with guts. A leader who rather than dancing
to the tone of the international community will
go out of his way to execute policies that will
better the lives of his people. It’s time that
Nigerians look beyond personality demand for a
leader who I visionary and fearless. A leader who
will never succumb to any kind of negative
pressure whether at home or abroad. A leader
who will even sacrifice his own safety for the
safety of Nigerians. That’s the leader Nigeria
never had.


About dariyan205

Am a simple guy with a passion for business and investment. A self employed Hero. I love helping people achieve their financial goals and objectives.
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