There seem to be a rising wave of internet crimes lately. this has let to a lot of skeptism about whether people should really be involve in online business transactions.
The rising wave of sofisticatication made it difficult for people’s personal information from getting to them. Infact, a simple email from an unknown source is enoug to put you and your personal information at risk according to finance expert Liz Wetson. Even something as innocuous as a stolen e-mail address puts you at risk, because criminals can use it to better target their attacks. A scammer could send you a fake e-mail from your bank to trick you into handing over your account password according to Wetson.
Some times we need to be careful of the kind of data we supply these social networking sites.Hackers use such sides to steal people’s personal information.
Its up to us to try and protect ourselves from falling prey to these scammers.
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Am a simple guy with a passion for business and investment. A self employed Hero. I love helping people achieve their financial goals and objectives.
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