When The Chips Are Down

Life they say is a complex phenomenon which varies on a day to day basis. It’s influence on our day to day activities is so great that it becomes almost impossible to escape its downside.
Because life’s phenomenon cannot be manipulated, it becomes crucial that we develop strategies to manage the down side of it.
Oftentimes, we hear people say stuff like ‘why me? ‘ ‘Life has not been kind to me ‘ Life is difficult and so on. Truly life can be cruel to us either in the area of business, investment, dating, marriage, the list goes on and on. At some point it feels like you’re the only one going through this process. No matter how hard you tried to improve your finances, make good investment, work hard to safe our marriage, and manage our dating drama, things keep getting worse and worse. It’s as if any action we take to fixed things keep getting worse. As if to add salt to injury people around you appear to be doing just fine. Then You begin to feel like a failure, discouraged and depressed . At this point you just feel like giving up. This is the down side of life. Different things happen to different people. We all have different situations. Today you’re doing great, tomorrow you are down. Yesterday you’re homeless, today you are a home owner. That is the hard fact of life.
A person plays the lottery for the first time and end up winning millions of cash. Another person plays the lottery hundreds of times and wins nothing in the end. One person applied for a job and gets it with ease. Another person tries countless of times and is still jobless. One person invest thousands of dollars to buy shares on the stock market and ends up making millions in just a few years. Another person invest the same amount of money in the stock market and then after just one year losses his/her investment. This is the hard fact of life. It appears as if life is good for some people and cruel to other people. It’s normal to feel that way. But what we should know is that nothing is as it appears. A lot more is going on behind the scenes. That person that you think has it all may be struggling with other things in other areas of life. That person that you think is doing well financially may very well be struggling some kind of ill health or terminal illness. All these may not be known to you but they are facts of life. You are not alone when life phenomenon knocks you down. All of us go through it as well. Though I most confess life sometimes is even more cruel to others still we all have our own problems. It’s important that we know this. You are not alone! Realizing this fact is the first step towards managing these life challenges. How can we overcome it? That’s the million dollar question. But one thing is certain,’ Don’t give up ‘. Keep on moving. Keep on living. Don’t think it’s only you no its not. You’re not alone. When the Chips Are Down keep on living.


About dariyan205

Am a simple guy with a passion for business and investment. A self employed Hero. I love helping people achieve their financial goals and objectives.
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