Taking good Investment risks

Investing is all about buying things that put
money back into your pocket. It may sound scary,
but if you have a bank term deposit or are in
KiwiSaver – you’re an investor.
You become an investor when you put your
money into things that can earn income or grow
in value. The general aim is to earn at least an
after-tax return greater than the rate of
inflation . Being an investor also involves a
degree of risk . Generally, the higher the return,
the higher the risk.
Your investor profile

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Make cash online

When people think about making money online the first thing that comes to their minds is the yahoo yahoo scam. Yes, it’s true that their is a lot of scammers online stealing thousands of people’s hard earned money. But yet, their are thousands and millions of people worldwide making millions of dollars online legitimately. In fact, the internet is one huge market were millions of opportunities are abound. From Web Design, to internet marketing, millions of people are making their lively hood through the internet. All it takes is for you to spot the real and genuine ones and you’re on your way to making a living online.
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The thing is just like every investment has both good and bad sides, the internet has those very good sides as well.
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